1.A franchise prospect was disclosed with the franchise disclosure document. The franchise prospect received the franchise agreement prior to the issuance of the 2013 franchise disclosure document. Should the franchise prospect be given a copy of the updated 2013 disclosure document before signing the franchise agreement?

2.A franchisee signed the franchise agreement, but has not opened the franchise. Should the franchisee be given a copy of the updated 2013 franchise disclosure document?

3.A candidate is interested in a franchise in California. The California franchise renewal registration was submitted to the state of California, but California has not declared the registration effective. Does California have to declare the registration effective before the updated 2013 franchise disclosure document is given to the franchise candidate?

4.A Candidate is interested in New York. A franchise registration has not been submitted to the state of New York. Can the franchisor offer a franchise to the candidate so long as a registration is submitted with the state of the New York before the candidate signs the franchise agreement?

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